Media about the film


Director Sergey Debizhev: ‘We tried to reveal the inner cosmism of Crimea’
Kultura, 27.10.2020

Celestial Tavrida: tell me whose Crimea is and I'll tell you who you are
KM.RU 10.10.2020

Celestial Tavrida was presented at the international film festival
RUSSIA 1. Stavropolye, 09.10.2020

An unusual film about Crimea to be screened at the Moscow International Film Festival
Kommersant, 06.10.2020

Celestial Tavrida participates in the Moscow Film Festival
Vesti. Sevastopol, 01.10.2020

The MIFF to present Celestial Tavrida
Moskovsky Komsomolets, #28382, 06.10.2020

Celestial Tavrida amazed the residents of Sevastopol even with its fragments
Rambler. Kino, 06.09.2020

Celestial Tavrida: fragments of a documentary about the Russian peninsula were shown in Sevastopol
Komsomolskaya Pravda, 04.09.2020

An unusual film about Crimea to be released
Vesti. Sevastopol, September 5

Russian director makes a ‘stunning’ movie about Crimea
RIA Novosti Crimea. 28.08.2018