For Partners

The partner of the film is a prestigious status, which the company receives in a film project of international level. "Heavenly Crimea" will become a visiting card of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol both in Russia and abroad.

What does a partner get

 Integration into a vivid story
As part of the promotion of the film project “Crimea Heavenly”, many solid premiere screenings are planned, the film will be shown in cinemas, on television, at Russian and international film festivals, as part of state events and international forums, and will be actively covered in the media and social networks.
 Social Coverage
The partner receives interesting content for use on their social networks. Amazingly beautiful photos, videos, as well as the ability to hold contests and draw tickets and other prizes have a high potential for emotional involvement of subscribers. Predicted a large number of comments and reposts. Guaranteed video views on the project’s YouTube channel: 1.5 million. In total, it is expected that the total number of views of videos on the channel in the first year will be at least 3-4 million. .
Advertising options for brand promotion.
Branding Features: - placement in the credits of the film; - placement in movie trailers; - integration into the advertising campaign at the airport "Simferopol"; - placement at premiere venues; - placement in printing materials; - posting on the site and in social networks; - the possibility of releasing a limited series of branded souvenir products: calendars, albums, etc. - individually designed features for PR and marketing promotion.