For partners

Being a film partner gives your company a prestigious status in an international film project.
Celestial Tavrida is bound to become the signature of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol both in Russia and abroad.

What we offer to our partners

 Becoming a part of a bright story

The promotion plan of Celestial Tavrida includes a lot of top-rated premieres, the film will be shown in cinemas, on television and online platforms, at international and Russian film festivals, as part of official events and at international forums, and it also will be widely covered in the media and social networks.
Social media coverage
Our partners will receive fascinating content to use on their social networks. Breathtaking photos, videos, possible contests and draws for tickets and other prizes could potentially get the subscribers emotionally involved. A large number of comments and reposts is expected. The project is expected to get 1.5 million number of views on YouTube channel.
Generally, the project is expected to get 3-4 million views on the channel in the first year.